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3 Most disappointing teams of the 2017-18 NHL season

3. Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers seemed to be heading in the right direction after they made the playoffs during the 2016-17 season. However, Edmonton regressed in a major way as they were one of the worst teams in the western conference. Superstar Connor McDavid was pretty much the only bright spot for the Oilers as he led the NHL with 108 points this season. McDavid certainly did everything that he could to make the Oilers a competitive team, but the issue is nobody really stepped up around him. Edmonton’s power play was the worst in the NHL and the team just struggled to score goals in general. That is surprising considering the talented young forwards that they have on their roster. However, the biggest issue for the Oilers was that they just didn’t get good production out of their goaltenders. Cam Talbot was clearly the number 1 goaltender for Edmonton, but he had the worst season of his career as he had a 3.02 GAA in 67 games. Talbot is still the best goaltender that the Oilers have by far, yet he will need to play much better next year if the Oilers want to be playoff contenders. Either way, it was a very disappointing season for a team that was supposed to compete. However, if they can get better production from their goaltenders and some more depth scoring then this could be a good team next year.

2. Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks have a good team, but injuries really cost the Blackhawks especially with Corey Crawford missing most of the season. Crawford only played 28 games and he played well, but the issue is that the team doesn’t have much depth at the goaltender position. Goaltending was a revolving door for the Blackhawks as they dealt with plenty of injuries and a lack of production from the position. They even had to call upon accountant Scott Foster as an emergency goalie for one game. Anton Forsberg was basically Chicago’s number 1 goalie while Crawford was out and Forsberg only had a 2.97 GAA. However, goaltending wasn’t the only issue for the Blackhawks this season. Another issue was that Chicago’s star players just didn’t step up to carry the team while Crawford was out. Patrick Kane still had a good year as he led Chicago with 76 points, but that is actually a down year by his standards. However, the players that they have relied upon in recent years like Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, Duncan Keith, and Brent Seabrook just didn’t have good years. Chicago will hope that Corey Crawford can stay healthy next year, but the biggest concern for Chicago was the lack of production that they received from their star players.

1. Arizona Coyotes

Many people didn’t expect much from the Coyotes as they have been an irrelevant franchise in the NHL for several years. However, it is still extremely disappointing that they were one of the worst teams in the NHL once again. In fact, Arizona was the worst team in the NHL this season as they only had 70 points. Clayton Keller was pretty much the lone bright spot for Arizona this season as he led the team with 23 goals and 65 points in his first full NHL season. Keller is only 19 years old as well, so he has an extremely bright future ahead of him. Overall, the Coyotes have a really young roster, but they just don’t have any players besides Keller that have proven that they will be franchise cornerstones for years to come. The Coyotes had a very difficult time scoring goals as Keller was the only player to have 20 goals or more this season. Arizona finished 30th in the NHL with 2.51 goals per game. The goaltending for Arizona wasn’t terrible as Antti Raanta had a very good year with a 2.24 GAA in 47 games this season. However, the backup goaltenders were a complete disaster this season and that is something Arizona must seriously address this offseason. Either way, Arizona is basically the laughingstock of the NHL right now and their young players need to finally step up if this team is ever going to be respectable.


Coyotes trade Michael Stone to the Flames

The Arizona Coyotes traded defenseman Michael Stone to the Calgary Flames in exchange for a 2017 3rd round pick and a 2018 conditional 5th round pick.

Coyotes Analysis:

The Coyotes are clearly sellers prior to the March 1 trade deadline and this trade could be the first of many for Arizona. Michael Stone hasn’t had a very good season in 2016-2017 as he only has 1 goal and 8 assists in 45 games. Stone is scheduled to be a free agent after this season, so it makes sense for the Coyotes to trade him away now and get some draft picks to help in their rebuild. Arizona probably wasn’t going to re-sign him anyway and he wasn’t going to be much of a use to the team anyway since the team is not going to make the playoffs this season. Arizona now gets a third-round pick which should be useful to get a decent young player that can help to rebuild the Coyotes for the future. Also, if Stone re-signs with the Flames this offseason then the Coyotes would get a 2018 5th round pick. This is a great trade for the Coyotes since they are getting a couple of decent draft picks for a player that they don’t need anymore anyway.

Grade: A

Flames Analysis:

Calgary is trying desperately to hold onto their playoff spot and they are looking to win immediately which is why they traded for Stone. He won’t provide much offensive abilities, but Stone isn’t a bad option to add some defensive depth to the team. Stone will likely be on the 3rd pairing of defenseman for the Flames behind quality defensive like Mark Giordano, T.J. Brodie, and Dougie Hamilton. This isn’t an impact trade for Calgary, but at least they now have some more depth at defense late in the season. It was probably too much to give up for Stone especially if they don’t plan on bringing him back this offseason. However, it at least provides some more stability to their roster if they want to make the playoffs.

Grade: B-