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Canucks make questionable move by acquiring Erik Gudbranson

The Vancouver Canucks had an awful year in 2015 as they are in the middle of a rather big rebuild process. However, they made a really strange trade on Wednesday as they traded forward Jared McCann, a 2016 2nd round pick, and a 2016 4th round pick to Florida for defenseman Erik Gudbranson and a 2016 5th round pick. This move is questionable for many reasons for the Canucks mainly because they are trading away a young player with potential as well as high draft picks that could get some more young talent. McCann was a 2014 1st round pick by Vancouver and yet he’ll only be 20 years old when the 2016 NHL season begins. McCann struggled last season at the NHL level as he only had 18 points in 69 games. I don’t know what Vancouver was expecting from him because they were only giving him an average of 12:31 of ice time every game as a depth forward. He clearly wasn’t ready to play in the NHL and they should have kept him in the minor leagues to develop at least for another year. McCann did struggle, but he has lots of potential and it seems silly to give up on a 1st round pick not long after he was drafted. Vancouver is looking to build up its roster for the future which is why it doesn’t make sense at all to give up two high draft picks in this year’s draft. They could have gotten a really good player with their 2nd round pick, but now they are just slowing down their rebuild process even longer because they won’t be able to build towards their future as much. Erik Gudbranson has some talent which is why he was the 3rd overall pick in the 2010 draft by the Panthers. However, Gudbranson has really struggled to live up to his potential as he only has 43 points in 309 career NHL games. He only had 9 points last season, so he is clearly limited with his offensive abilities. The Canucks struggled with their defense last season and they were looking for some more offensive production out of their defensemen. I really don’t know what the Canucks are hoping to get with Gubranson because he doesn’t have any offensive capability that Vancouver was in need of. He does provide physical play, but he has a career -49 plus/minus which really is terrible for a defensemen. Vancouver is hoping that Gudbranson will be a top 4 defensemen for them, yet he has only proven to be a top 6 defensemen at best in his career so far. It just doesn’t make much sense as to why the Canucks would give away so much talent for future years in order to get a defensemen that won’t give them much going forward besides depth. Gudbranson is a decent player, yet he doesn’t fit what Vancouver needs and they really hurt their rebuilding process by giving up McCann and a 2nd round pick.

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