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Grading the Rangers signing Kevin Shattenkirk to a 4-year deal

Kevin Shattenkirk has proven himself as a top defenseman in the NHL and he is now paid like one as he signed a 4-year/$26.6 million deal with the New York Rangers. Shattenkirk is still in the prime of his career since he is only 28 years old and he will make an immediate impact on defense for the Rangers. New York really needed a good 2nd defenseman to go along with Ryan McDonagh and Shattenkirk gives the team a very good top defensive pairing. The Rangers already had enough goaltender and forward depth to be a solid playoff team, but they lacked the defense to be able to make a deep playoff run. Shattenkirk is an impact player both offensively and defensively as he had 56 points last season which is really good for a defenseman. The Rangers did pay a lot of money to sign Shattenkirk, but it is definitely worth it as he still has many years left of quality play left in him and he was probably the best free agent available this year. This is a terrific signing for the Rangers and it is another step to helping them become a more competitive team in the eastern conference.

Grade: A+

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